Brand Assets

We have written a few guidelines for using our brand assets.
Please take a moment to read them before using our brand in your blog posts, reviews or integration.

Our logo

A chameleon symbolizes Alterable’s ability to adapt to changing contexts. The round shapes in the emblem and wordmark connote friendliness, accessibility, and ease of use.

Alterable’s wordmark is customized Nexa Bold.

The green logo is preferred for use whenever possible.


Minimum size

Protect the integrity of the logo by making sure it can be easily deciphered on a page or screen.

Alterable Logo Minimum Size

Logo minimum height for print: 0.2″

Logo minimum height for screens: 25px.

Clear space

To keep the logo from getting lost in a layout, avoid crowding it with competing graphic elements. The minimum clear space around the logo should be equal to or greater than the height of the spiral in the chameleon’s tail. Maintain this proportion as the logo is enlarged or reduced.

Alterable Logo Clear Space

Color palette

Using brand colors reinforces recognition. When possible, choose photos, design collateral, and create promotional items with these colors in mind.


PMS Coated 7480C

PMS Uncoated 7480U

CMYK 75 / 0 / 71 / 0

RGB 0 / 188 / 112

Hex #00bc70


PMS Coated 446C

PMS Uncoated 446U

CMYK 70 / 57 / 61 / 44

RGB 61 / 69 / 67

Hex #3d4543


This is a friendly reminder that this graphics are proprietary and protected under intellectual copyright laws.

Please don't
  • Alter these files in any way.
  • Use business names and/or logos in a manner that can mislead, confuse or deceive users.
  • Express or imply any affiliation or relationship with or endorsement by us.