Always Relevant Products in Your E-mails

Enhance contextual relevance by showing items based on real-time data such as location, time, and device

How is our dynamic product service best used?

  1. Product swapping — Automatically replace a product when it’s not available anymore or when the geolocation and weather conditions of the recipient have changed.
  2. Product matching — Show the most compelling inventory to the right customers and continually show them the most relevant products tailored to their interests.
  3. Low stock warning — When your customer sees that the item they want is near selling out, it gives them just one more reason to make a purchase immediately.
  4. Live pricing — Leverage real-time data to display personalized prices and never promote out-of-date pricing to your customers.

Manage products

Create a product in just a few clicks

Easily create or update information about a product, such as its price, stock, and review rating from the product inventory dialog.

When managing inventory, you can use the “out-of-stock visibility” dynamic product parameter to hide the out-of-stock products from your customers.

create a dynamic product
targeting rules engine

Targeting rules engine

A next-gen targeting rules engine through an intuitive user interface

Alterable’s targeting rules engine provides an intuitive way to manage logic and create no-code decision automation to display the most relevant products in your emails.

Display a product based on a variety of filters such as date, day of week, timezone, device, language, location, query parameters, temperature, time of day, timezone, and weather.

Powerful image editor

Easily create truly customized images

Use Alterable’s full-featured canvas editor to effortlessly create truly custom images.

You can customize font style (font, size, color, opacity), text style, create shapes, rotate, change vertical/horizontal skew, and more…

edit a dynamic product image
test and preview dynamic product

Test and preview

Easily test drive your product variations

Ensure your targeting rules are working as expected by using our preview feature.

Set the date and timezone, the targeted device, language, and location, and see the result right away.

Our advanced dynamic product features for digital marketers

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