Improve your email CTR with countdown timers

Encourage your audience to take action by including a countdown timer in your emails

How is our countdown timer service best used?

  1. Time-sensitive events — Are you looking to launch a webinar or promote a brand-new product? Create urgency and provide your customers with a specific deadline.
  2. Discount and coupons — Have you been running coupons and discounts that don’t get redeemed? Give your customers a limited timeframe to redeem to drive swift action.
  3. Holiday sales — Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Halloween, and Christmas sales email campaigns can all use countdown timers to drive engagement and help boost sales.
  4. Special offers — Help your target buyers to decide by giving them an accurate representation of how long they have left to take action.

Quick setup

Create a countdown timer
in a matter of seconds

Choose the language, type (standard, evergreen, or based on query parameters), date, and timezone.

Set the style (colors, sizes, font family, or template) in just a few clicks.

Deep linking

Automatically open the
device calendar app

Your countdown timer can open the calendar app on the user device and create an event reminder. 

This works on a variety of devices (Android, iOS, etc.) reducing the effort required to deploy deep links manually.

Our advanced countdown timer features for digital marketers:

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