Author: Matthieu Fauveau

email personalization key to unforgettable experiences

Email Personalization: The Key to Unforgettable Customer Experiences

Get ready to unravel the secret of unforgettable customer experiences with email personalization. This strategy not only adds a personal touch to your communications but also holds the power to transform your marketing game. Dive into the world of email personalization, learn how to apply it effectively, and let your business reap the benefits.

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email list cleaning engagement deliverability

Email List Cleaning: Path to Better Engagement and Deliverability

With the evolution of the space, email list cleaning has become a crucial part of effective email marketing. It not only improves your engagement rates but also boosts the deliverability of your emails. This article walks you through the need for, and the process of email list cleaning, thus paving the path for an optimized email marketing strategy.

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BIMI the future of brand authentication in email

BIMI: The Future of Brand Authentication in Email

BIMI (Brand Indicators for Message Identification) is an email standard that allows organizations to display their brand logos next to authenticated messages in the inbox. BIMI helps to increase brand recognition and trust, and it can also help to prevent phishing attacks.

Learn more about BIMI and how you can use it to improve the security and deliverability of your email.

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gmail reputation check assess fix optimize

Gmail Reputation Check: Assess, Fix, and Optimize Your Email Delivery

In this comprehensive guide, discover the importance of conducting a Gmail reputation check to assess and enhance your email deliverability. Explore actionable strategies to address reputation issues, improve deliverability, and optimize your email performance on Gmail. Proactively manage your reputation, boost communication success, and ensure your emails reach their intended recipients.

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email personalization example: make mother's day special

Email Personalization Examples: Make Mother’s Day Special

Looking for ideas to make your Mother’s Day email campaign stand out? Check out these email personalization examples that will help you create more engaging and memorable emails for your subscribers. From personalized subject lines to dynamic product and image services, this article covers everything you need to know to create an email that will make your subscribers feel appreciated and valued.

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top 10 reasons why people unsubscribe from your emails

Top 10 Reasons Why People Unsubscribe From Your Emails

Are you struggling with a high rate of email unsubscribes? Discover the top reasons why people unsubscribe from your emails and learn how to prevent it from happening. From irrelevant content to unprofessional emails, we’ll provide you with actionable tips to keep your subscribers engaged and prevent them from hitting the unsubscribe button. Read on to learn more.

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